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Undermine The Debt is a collaboration of writers and activists who want to see people freed from the terrible yoke of financial, ecological and psychological debt.

  • Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher and small farmer living in rural upstate New York. She writes primarily about food, agriculture, energy issues and climate change, but is cheerfully willing to make forays into almost anything that seems relevant. Sharon is the author of 3 books and is working on a fourth, all from New Society Publishing.

  • Keith Farnish is a writer, philosopher and activist who, for the moment, lives in Essex, England. After years fruitlessly campaigning for Greenpeace and other NGOs he packed it all in, along with his IT job and got his mind back. He is the author of “Time’s Up!“, writes The Earth Blog, and tries to undermine the system on The Unsuitablog.

  • Guy McPherson is Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. In an academic career spanning 33 years he has authored 9 books and dozens of articles, as well as sitting on a host of committees. He can be found at his most radical on his blog, Nature Bats Last.

  • Dave Pollard is an entrepreneur, knowledge analyst and expert in natural systems design. He writes extensively on these and many other subjects at his How To Save The World blog, while professing a deep and personal grief for the destruction of Gaia. His book, “Finding The Sweet Spot” was published in 2008.


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